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The idea (2]


Kimmy steered her plane to some colourful marshmallows. She grabbed a few medium-sized marshmallows and started making rockets out of them.

“Perfect!” Kimmy said to herself and attached the rockets to the engine.

As she flew straight to the finishing line, the engine started emitting rainbow sparks. All of a sudden, Kimmy’s plane started to fly at a very high speed, creating rainbows in the sky. Kimmy let out an ear-piercing scream as she overtook Baroness and reached the finishing line. Baroness screamed like a banshee as Kimmy came in first. Kimmy was awarded a trophy and a golden plaque with a gummy bear engraved on it. Kimmy cried tears of joy as she raised her trophy and plague up. But not for long.

“Aaargh! Your victory just make me want to pull my hair and punch myself. Kimmy, I know what you did!” Baroness exclaimed, her face red as a ripe tomato.

All eyes were on Kimmy as she stood frozen to the ground, practically unable to speak.

“You see, the day when everyone had food poisoning after eating the cake, I felt suspicious. Since you had to repeat the third round due to your sprained leg, I knew you’d came back to us with a vengeance,” Baroness said, and added, “That day, I hacked the grading system and checked your results. Just for fun of course. But guess what I saw next. It said that you had edited the grading sheet a few days ago. I’ve been meaning to tell you, Kimmy, that karma will soon bite you in the butt. And it did. How are you going to explain it now?”

Kimmy started to shed crocodile tears but it was of no use to cry over spilled milk. Everyone had heard what Baroness said. Some teachers led Kimmy and Baroness to another room while the audience whispered and gossiped about it.


”I bet you can explain,” the principal asked Kimmy, “why you did such a thing. I’ve never expect something like this from students.”

All Kimmy could do was to look at her two blue shoes and feel the pain of guilt in her. The clock ticked at every second but the atmosphere was so silent you could hear a pin drop. At last, Kimmy broke the silence.

”I’m sorry miss. I didn’t mean to do such a thing. But one time, Baroness messed up the plane engines, and I crashed into trees, and I missed the final exam, and…”

Kimmy tried to hold back her tears of pain and anger. The principal lended Kimmy a box of tissue papers and calmed her down.

”I know Baroness did this,” the principal told Kimmy, “Some students witnessed the whole thing and came to me. Believe me, all my life, I’ve threatened to expel Baroness from the team but she said she’ll sue me if I don’t give her another chance. So, I had a conversation with the school board and Baroness’s parents and soon, Baroness will be kicked out. But Kimmy, its not about Baroness, its about you, your future and your life. Cheating won’t get you anywhere. I should expel you too, but I won’t.”

Kimmy thanked the principal and left her office. Well, long story short, Baroness got kicked out of the club, For Good! As for Kimmy, even though she was given a week’s detention, the judges saw her potential in flying and decided to give her a scholarship to the best adventure schools.

”But, I can’t take this,” Kimmy told the principal, “I know I won, but wasn’t I disqualified?”

”Kimmy, this is your ticket to your new future,” the principal answered, “I’d say, go for it!”

And if you’re asking whether Kimmy took the offer, yes, she did. Jellybean, Tiffi and her dad, Mr Toffee, are so proud of Kimmy’s talent and achievement.

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