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🍫🍬 Battle Season - Compete for control of Soda town

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Ready set go! Are you ready to join Battle Season and compete for the control of Soda Town?

Battle Season will have you randomly join either Team Bubblegum together with the infamous Bubblegum Troll or Team Chocolate with the wonderful Yeti as your leader. 

During Battle Season Kimmy will host a variety of different leaderboard events. It’s your job to make sure you and your team mates place as high as possible on these leaderboards, in order to earn points for your team. The leaderboard events will run Wednesday-Sundays each week from 7th December 2022 to 5th of February 2023. 

Each Monday you will see on the Diorama which team won, and see them grab more control over Candy Town!

How does it work?

Compete in the following leaderboard events, and try to place as high as possible to help your team:

  • Kimmy Gone Fishing
  • Kimmy’s Candy Cannon
  • Kimmy’s Collection Hunt

There will also be 9 weekly season passes for you to participate in, and win sweet rewards!

What can I win?

From the weekly leaderboard event, the winning team will receive 1 extra free live spot to their inventory for the weekend.

From the Season Pass you can win sweet rewards such as boosters, gold bars and wonderballs.

Each Sunday, the last day of the leaderboard, all players will receive unlimited lives so you can play as much as you want!

What if you can’t see the event?

It's occasionally possible that you'll see an event in the game that is not available to you. Do not worry! It's not faulty - it's just that with so many players, we sometimes have to spread the fun out a bit.

We try to keep our events balanced, manageable and visible to as many players as possible, so everyone gets to try new things. The chances are you'll have another event when other players doesn't, so rest assured we'll always try to make sure you don't miss out on the fun! Keep an eye on your notifications, pop-ups, and map buttons to know when you have new content in your game.

And while you're here, please give us feedback on Battle Season!

  • Which team are you in?
  • Do you enjoy the art of this season? Is there anything you like especially?
  • How do you like the theme of this season?
  • Did you enjoy the competition in this season and the frequent leaderboards features?

🍬 Team Bubblegum - meet your teammates here

🍫 Team Chocolate - Meet your teammates here

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