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So I have to start over if I "miss" a day

Judy_Cardamone Posts: 37 Level 2

yet, there are NO GAMES for me to play. Keeping with punishing long time players is NOT a good look. Many of us at the top CANNOT WIN the big prizes because, due to you, not us, there are not enough games for us to compete. And then if we do not show up to a game in which there are no games for us to play we must go back or pay for a daily reward? Seriously folks, is this how it is going to keep working?


  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 6,152 Friends Moderator

    Hello @Judy_Cardamone and Welcome to our Community!

    I share your frustration when my Daily Reward streak gets broken, and when I don't have enough new levels to play for some contests. While you may not find this a satisfying option, I have chosen to keep some distance between me and the last available level in all games. Some games have recognized the limitations of being at the end of one's game map and offer rewards for consistently reaching the end of the map. But, even those rewards are limited.

    If you are not already doing so, you might want to download more King games. This Community offers opportunities to win gold bars and boosters in each of the King games. Check out the Contests section in each of our game areas -- I hope you will find some of them most interesting.

  • Judy_Cardamone
    Judy_Cardamone Posts: 37 Level 2

    Playing more games? No thanks. Means more constant being barraged with buying stuff. No thank you. There absolutely SHOULD BE NO LOSING a benefit, NO GOING BACKWARDS because the game makers are unable to keep up. Seriously stupid and unfair. It's a simple fix. If a player has no more games availble their status is not punished

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