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samsis Posts: 30 Level 2

I don't like having to select Activities and scroll through to pick what I want. It was much easier and there is plenty of room to have all on the game screen. If you want to pick 4 in a Row, or Shipmates or any of the others, just have it out there to choose. Simple.


  • ZoLOLogist
    ZoLOLogist Posts: 98 Level 2

    I completely agree!

    It's a real pain having to go through another step to check what's going on with everything. I often forget which 4-in-a-row task I picked, and I liked being able to easily see that between levels.

    I don't like them being in a separate screen because I don't always play all of them at once, so having that single indication that one of them needs attention, without knowing which one, is pointless.

    It just adds extra steps to EVERYTHING and makes it harder to keep track of what's happening.

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