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What’s reason I doesn’t clear level 2167

bubbal Posts: 42 Level 2

In five hours I don’t clear level 2167 after long time when only one box without cleaning I get six extra moves with three colour bonb and one change bonb I full try for clear the level but u are not want I go to next level so you’re stop my game why u don’t want I clear the level 2167 what’s wrong with you are u mentally unstable who thought for me for not good why’s u create problems in my game if u want I I leave this game forever tell me and I show your policy for people a fake and cheating on this app I heartily shoked on your behaviour very sad other players clear near about 100 levels in same times but I try my best but in same time clear only 20 levels very bad practice by your end please send me reply if u are not accepted my alligtion


  • ZoLOLogist
    ZoLOLogist Posts: 98 Level 2

    No one is sitting there preventing you from finishing the level. Other people have different skill levels and things they are better at in the game, and some have things they are worse at. That's just how humans are.

    This game has hundreds of millions of players every month. The developers want people to have fun playing the game. For most of us, if there was no challenge, and instead it was just easy all the time, it wouldn't be fun.

    If you're really stuck, use some boosters. It sounds like you could have used a lollipop to clear the level when there was only one square left. And there's always the option of a supersonic lolly if you're really stuck. You get those in Legendary wonderballs and from Bake a Cake in Teams.

    If you need more help, just ask.

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