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Soda Race

samsis Posts: 30 Level 2

I think the race should be over once the third player finishes. Since the last two players don't get a reward, it doesn't make sense to have to keep playing to the end. Just start a new race.




  • ZoLOLogist
    ZoLOLogist Posts: 98 Level 2

    But then you would be starting the race from a different level than everyone else, or you'd have to wait until enough people failed to finish the race on the same level. Then the race would either be unequal or you'd have to wait anyway.

  • samsis
    samsis Posts: 30 Level 2

    I don't mind waiting. I mind seeing myself stuck on an Ultra Hard Level waiting to finish the race. I'd rather see the race is over and then wait until a new race is started. The other alternative is I would like to get something for finishing the race. One gold bar for participating would be nice. More for finishing second seems fair. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd should be rewarded, 4th and 5th should at least get one bar.

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