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[Ended] 🎁🚀 Gifting Games season in Candy Crush Soda is here!

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Join us in Soda's 9th Anniversary 🎂, a festive event where our beloved bears revel amidst a sea of gifts, reflecting the spirit of giving! 🎁

This event will feature a new background AND two new game modes for you to enjoy in Soda! 🎈

So what are the game modes? Let’s have a look!

🚀 Rocket Rush: November 9 - 16

Some of you have already been able to try this, but now Rocket Rush is coming to more players' devices! Use Color Bombs to earn points, the player who pushes their bear to the goal first wins!

💣 Competitive Rescue Buddies: November 23 - 30

You’ve heard about Rescue Buddies, but what about Competitive Rescue Buddies? This time you’ll go up against a rival to see who’s first to save the bear! 💥 The winner gets the bigger reward but both opponents win. A win-win scenario if you will. 🤝

These events are our way of saying thanks for our player’s years of loyalty. So, gather up and unite with Kimmy and the bears in celebrating the Giving Games!

We hope you look forward to the event, and make sure to let us know what part of the event you’re the most excited for in the poll below! 🙏

Comment on this thread to get the Gifting Games Badge! 🎁

[Ended] 🎁🚀 Gifting Games season in Candy Crush Soda is here! 121 votes

My bear is ready to race in Rocket Rush! 🐻🚀
Terri_Voss_Elsa_Dama_BakerAndres-2SabrinaMBrianna_MillerLil'_Mommakiara_waelEnergizerBunnySpinnifixnightmare46EOTheGr8MeMuhMiladyRSRMVVCBmaf34100MountainMomDieOmiminamal_butt_01Nikolaos_Prodromidis 73 votes
I’ll aim for the win in Competitive Rescue Buddies! 🐻💣
Tzvi_MarcuPummyRajWerner_CichybearwithmeCourtney1990MollySkeshavrfSinageorge94tlparsleyKingsDaughter14BumbleBee81GumyupawpawmalaworebelchildthotoAndyKweirgreddycandyUncleBobby1gradysmomPalash_Sarma 48 votes


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