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Shipmates is boring now that levels need to be passed.

gmomof2 Posts: 2 Newbie
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  • simplyP
    simplyP Posts: 11,665 Level 5

    Hehe, yes and they should NOT be called shipmates anymore. There is no “mates” 🤷‍♂️🤪

    They are testing new version….hopefully they will return to the original version SOON 😁

  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 12,420 Soda Moderator

    Hello @gmomof2 and welcome to Soda community!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'll pass this on 👍️

  • Sue_
    Sue_ Posts: 18 Level 2

    I’ve not played the new version ships mates much. It’s pathetic

    how can the developers justify this with players who have completed all the levels. ?

    it just sits there unable to be played, because there is no levels left. 45 levels a week which are completed in an hour. Then have to wait a full weeks for more levels.

    while lower level players are sinking ships left right and centre.

  • smessyrn
    smessyrn Posts: 9 Level 2

    I have to say again, that playing Shipmates is not nearly as fun or rewarding as when it was playing with teammates. Their help was invaluable when it comes to passing very difficult levels. Some of the more difficult levels high in the game are too hard unless you want to spend a bunch of money trying to pass them.

  • DIBI
    DIBI Posts: 20 Level 2

    I agree and believe the only point is to make more money 💰️. I mean, people need to eat, but pulling away helpful and fun options is not a good strategy. I think. It feels like being given a fun toy and than having it taken away from you 😪.

  • Kdee
    Kdee Posts: 5 Newbie

    Waiting for new levels. Going back levels to earn extra stars is pointless. I hoped we could still be active in the weekly contest, shipmates, rescue buddies or at least carry forward boosters after completing orlder levels and gaining extra stars

    Can't be rewarded for weekly contest

    Can't win pins for shipmates

    Can't collect stars for rescue buddies

    Can't carry forward bottles

  • michimune
    michimune Posts: 60 Level 2

    You can collect stars for rescue buddies from bake a cake event weekly.

    No new levels or lives needed in bake a cake event. You can earn boosters from cake rewards and team rewards.

    In normal new level, when you get one star, rescue buddies will get one star, two stars to two stars, three stars to three stars. BUT YOU CAN GET 3 STARS BY FINISHING 1 BAKE A CAKE LEVEL, EVEN THOUGH THAT LEVEL YOU ONLY GET 1 STAR.

    You can play many cake levels you like, because you can change team, and then another cake will appear unless the cake was baked completely or the original team members didn't enter the event

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