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Kimmys Cyan candy hunt that just passed.


I was first place and didn’t get my prize? I logged in this morning and the entire event is gone with no pop up that o won. Is there anyway I can receive my award because it’s a little cheap and criminal.


  • michimune
    michimune Posts: 321 Level 3


    This issue happened again. I have around 17000 blue candies in the first place and the second has 9000 more only. But when I opened the game after the contest had finished on 10th June. I have received my weekly contest prize and then nothing. I should have received the rewards from Kimmy's candy hunt after the weekly contest. Please check what is happening in my Soda.

    My user id : 14724348850

    iphone 11 Pro

    IOS: 17.4.1

    Latest version: 1.269.4

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