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How many Languages can you speak?

Anahita_2005Anahita_2005 Posts: 7,782 Level 5
edited September 2020 in The Fun Area!

Hello all crushers! πŸ‘‹

Hope that you all are fine taking all the necessary precautions in the current scenario 😊

As the title clarifies I just wanted to know how many do you speak(or you want to learn) as we all live in different countries so many of us might be knowing other languages or want to learn them..

So let me start! πŸ˜…

I can speak 4 languages: Hindi (my mother tongue), English, Sanskrit & Punjabi a little bit..(these two languages are spoken in India)

Hope you would be liking this discussion!

Tagging some players & friends! πŸ™‚

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The rest work of tagging players I leave on @Diamond Lim! πŸ˜„

Happy crushing to all! 😊🍭🍬🍑

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