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Candy Crush SODA Saga 2053 ULTRA HARD LEVEL & 2054 | 3-Star Stars ⭐⭐⭐ | FIRST TRY (2054)

Date Played & Recorded: February 15, 2021 @ 9:50 PM CST

Device & Version: Windows 10 Candy Crush Saga App

File Location: 02-15-21 2.trec

Level 2053 (ULTRA-HARD LEVEL) | 3-Star Stars ⭐⭐⭐

Track: 0:00 - 3:17

Level Type: Honey Level


BLOCKERS: Licorice Swirls, 3 or 4 and 4 or 5 hits Honeycombs

OTHER FEATURES: Sprinkleshell, Color Bombs, Licorice Swirl Cannons

GOAL: Eat The Honey & Save The Bears! 0/17 In 39 Moves.


This Level is Extremely Hard because the BEARS are positioned in hard to reach area covered with 3 or 4 and 4 or 5 hits honeycombs and where no matching can be done. The best strategy is to match a Color Bomb + Coloring Candy together to activate the Rainbow Kimmy. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done not in my case. I had both present when the game opened but they are NOT positioned next to each other or at least close. The best I could do was make the most of what I had on hand. The only option is to create Powerful Candy Combinations that can effectively hit these bears.

In this level, you are provided with Sprinkleshell that can eliminate unwanted candies on the board. Make sure you use this to your advantage.

Sprinkleshell is a turtle that has a cyan body and brown shell with colorful spots. When a player starts a level, his head is hidden. An energy bar or meter below him is needed to be charged. You will have to feed him by matching cyan candies to boost his energy. When the power bar is full, Sprinkleshell's head will pop-up. Click on him so you can pick and click the color you wish to eliminate. Sprinkleshell will then eat the candies of that color and hide his head. It is more like a Color Bomb + Regular Candy combination without costing you a move. After each use, Sprinkleshell's energy bar or meter will need to be charged again for next use.

Hope these TIPS help you complete this Level!

Good Luck!

Level 2054 | 3-Star Stars ⭐⭐⭐ | FIRST TRY | COMPLETED IN 7 MOVES

Track: 3:24 - 5:10

Level Type: Bubblegum Level

Degree Of Difficulty: EASY

BLOCKERS: Licorice Swirls Covered With Bubblegum

GOAL: Eat All The Bubblegum! 4 In 25 Moves. COMPLETED IN 7 MOVES with 18 MOVES LEFT ON THE BOARD.


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