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Want an option to add Friends to your game? We need your help!

LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 2,484 Community Manager
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Hello Sodalicious People!

Our Kingster @uxer and his team need your help!

We are trying to improve how we see and add our list of Soda Friends to the game and that's why we need your help! 💪

Would you want the option to add friends directly to the game?

👇 Vote below and let us know why you selected the answer to help us improve!

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Want an option to add Friends to your game? We need your help! 148 votes

Yes, I would love it! :)
Bobcat_BobSharon_LoosePummyRajWerner_CichySukanta_BiswasDianneYMecarmen59JameeJasminasiti_payungVictoria_24Miss_DaniPitty_Kittykaren2035laydeebaejph45xOrigins7_DaleMountainMomteresawallace44Greeneyedgal43 133 votes
No, I don't want to :(
GICU1963 1 vote
I don't care either way/ no opinion
ElsaFreddy_YoscaSpinnifixheadoperationswykoonDieOmimihechicerillacrabapple2easychannie8AnneArismendibaharuMjo1986 14 votes

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