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CCSS is slow

Doppo Posts: 26 Level 2


I seem to have an on going issue with CCSS becoming un responsive, it seems to be trying to "catch up" with its self, it doesn't run at the same fast consistent speed.

I'm playing on a PC with fast broadband speed (yes, I can surf the internet) I'm playing on a pre-installed app using Windows 10. I do not use Facebook. Is it possible to clear the cache from a pre installed app? I'm on level 3466 so have been playing for a long time, and no I do not want to reset the app. Game is 1.188.300.0

Anyone have any positive ideas for what might be happening, or indeed is anyone else having the same issue.

Thanks for helping me x


  • Doppo
    Doppo Posts: 26 Level 2

    Hello again,

    I literally finished posting and went back to the game ..... it seems to be working just fine now ; )

    The only thing different was I went the the Bear Brawl game and accepted a prize that was waiting for me. Can it be that it has influenced the game to make it slower and un responsive?

    Anyway, crisis over (for now) lets hope it stays fixed.

    Do you thing the the Bear Brawl had anything to do with it?

    Thanks x

  • Doppo
    Doppo Posts: 26 Level 2

    Hi @Nix66

    I knew it was too good to be true ..... the same is happening again, slow and always trying to catch up with it's self!

    I did a WiFi test while playing and got - download 69 Mbps and upload 18 Mbps so nothing wrong there.

    Nix, is it possible to remove any cache on a pre-installed app game running windows 10 on a PC, or does cache not build up on a pre-installed game?

    Also is 1.188.300.0 the latest version?

    It's all very strange and very frustrating, any ideas?

    Thank you x

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited March 2021

    Hi @Doppo @Nix66 thx for tag,

    Ok, the latest version for *Win 10 is 1.188.300.0 see my signature below. Each *Device is different on Version#, @Nix66.

    See the URLs below, should help you out, along with other URL to Support.

    Because you are having *Delays, you have a *Clock Timing Issue @Doppo. If your settings are correct on your end, then it is on the *Server end. This is known & reported, might be other *Servers that King uses in their network, causing this. Along with, the web can run slow, *Bottlenecks, *Game Servers running hot, *Lack of maintenance, etc...

    • *Page 2 is my post on *Facebook!
    • *Page 4 is a post by @DieOmimi connecting thru *!

    Do settings on *Facebook 1st, like *Giving Permissions on Apps, etc... Then be sure to *Sync up *Facebook to *King, if you use it. Along with *Syncing up any other *Devices you use to play King Games on.

    This will help on *Connection. The more connects, the better it should be.

    I use *Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App - Signed into *Facebook. This I believe, is the best setup for King Games. Just be sure to do your settings on everything, then sync it all up. Updates can also change settings, or affect how you play. So have to check them out.

    Trust this helps. Any other issues, come & see us.

    Thx For Posting & Welcome To The King Community - Origins7 Dale, ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Doppo
    Doppo Posts: 26 Level 2

    Hi @Origins7_Dale and @Nix66

    Thanks for replying, much appreciated. This morning the game was struggling again, slow and always trying to catch up, however I finished level 3468. The next level was fine, running normal speed (which was great because it's a fast and furious level)

    @Origins7_Dale I don't use FB, it's not the sort of thing that I need (nor want) to get involved with ;) I'm I right in thinking that King monitors the servers they use and know if they don't perform? And I can't delete cache on an app that is pre-installed on my PC?

    Lets hope the problem has gone away now ...... fingers (and toes) crossed :)

    Thanks for helping x

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited March 2021

    Hi @Doppo @Nix66,

    Here are a few things / tips on cleaning up, for Win 10.

    1. Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin), as you will need administrator permissions to run SFC.

    2. In the Command Prompt type the following command and press Enter:

    • sfc /scannow

    Once You have a *No Corruption mess., then do these 3 commands, with Command Prompt (Admin).

    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    • Windows 10 Advanced Disk Cleanup
    • Need to Google this, for URL.

    This is for *Disk Cleanup Tool in Win 10!

    For *Registry Cleaning, plus other things, I use:

    • Wise Care 365 - Portable *Keep on Default settings!
    • Need to Google this, for URL.

    Scrubs everything down better. All the above are free. Portable, is preferred, no entry in registry.

    This should clean up everything, including the *Win 10 / Microsoft Store. You can also *Clear your cache on any Browser, URL above. Can't hurt you, & best to do this, after coming off web, or before posting here.

    • Cleaning Up - Admin Command Prompt On A Older Win 10 Build - Origins7 Dale

    Trust this helps.

    Thx For Posting & Welcome To The King Community - Origins7 Dale,ย ๐Ÿ˜€


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