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Reduce chance of infinite lives reward

DukeSR8 Posts: 80 Level 2
edited June 2021 in Kimmy's Idea Box

I swear this game passes this bonus out like it's a common powerful in a platformer. You get these by:

-Potential Gumball machine reward (1 in 3 chance for a 30 minute infinite lives reward, I believe, have seen Lollipop Hammers and 30 minute infinite Color Bombs as well)

-High check-in streak reward (also 30 minutes)

-Getting the treasure chest and key that Batula drops (grants 2-3 hours of infinite lives)

-Noble Path reward (usually around 15 minutes but have seen a 30 minute one once)

I think that this booster needs to be far less common because it can easily be abused to bypass levels and pretty much guarantee a ton of Gold Bars from winning races, especially with the ones from Treasure Chests as you can easily prevent people from winning races in first. Personally wouldn't mind if Good Bars replaced the Treasure Chest reward of them (about 75% chance for 2-4 Gold Bars and 25% chance for Infinite lives of either length) on occasion and check-in stress not giving them entirely due to how easy it is to open the app.

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