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New event! Springtime Mystery 🔍



  • daisiescan_
    daisiescan_ Posts: 59 Pro Player 👑

    I hope I get this new event. It looks interesting. I haven’t gotten it yet. Fingers crossed I will soon

  • 2easy
    2easy Posts: 282 Level 3

    Now King really want lil money if i want play ☹️

    1 hour gif all 2 energy, vau!!

    Round 3 or 4 ( In arena) need only 80 energy for play that. Many hours to get that energy, 2many 😁

    Yes!! There is place where can reward energys. I just used 20 energy from there. Did one arena job. Deleted one arena job for open job what can do In normal game. And what job I got it??

    Yes, new arena job.

    Arena for money players?!?!

    🙄🤫 😁

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,512 Pro Player 👑
    edited May 2021

    @LadyRaffie @Nix66 Yes I have the Nobel Path back along with all the best of prizes that come with it including Bear Brawl and once again I was off running today, maybe that's why I am so late in reply to this message...Thanks for the tag @Nix66 my dear sweet friend Or as in you call it @LadyRaffie Springtime Mystery....Haha it's all fun to me

  • Sharon_Loose
    Sharon_Loose Posts: 1,900 Level 5

    Another new event to enjoy, I love that bear brawl is of my favourite events. Didn’t take long to use 900 plus energy points though at 90-100 per go. I have to earn some more now before I can have another go 😀

  • Denisen905
    Denisen905 Posts: 10 Level 2

    It's fun and different

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,862 Level 5

    @LadyRaffie Unfortunately, I must 5 days waiting to the Energy meter is already to 100. For the “Arena 5” cost 100 Energy! I got a ONE Energy per hour!!! Also all 3 quests are for “Bear Brawl” event only. (Collect all Marshmallow Rockets and Cups for Bear Brawl) Same with @2easy.

  • tinytara1970
    tinytara1970 Posts: 247 Level 3

    I am enjoying the new "Springtime Mystery," although "Noble Path" is my favorite. I also enjoy the team playing they added a while back. Racking up points together, baking cakes, being able to get and/or send lives to our teammates. Unfortunately, I'm on a team that's not very active. Only 3 of us, including myself really participate. So, I find myself to be the only one baking cakes, LOL! We don't get many points adding up w/only 3 of us playing, so we rarely make it to the reward chests. And, I can only get 2 extra lives when requested b/c only 2 other players will send them 😟 Oh well! Sometimes tempted to join a new team, but, I feel bad bailing on the 2 players who do actually play & participate on the team.

  • ljamsay
    ljamsay Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2021

    *Edited by CM: rude*!! You buy the mystery game then mostly bear crawl challenges come up then you have to buy more to play bear crawl! Then you buy into playing bear crawl and you are at level 4 but they put you up against someone at level 10!! Barely made 2 moves and lost!! *Edited by CM: rude*

  • 2easy
    2easy Posts: 282 Level 3

    Again, Studio did lil wrong ☹️

    All jobs what i get now is arena jobs.

    Like now is : play 3 times arena, play 5 times arena and collect arena chest.

    Today i did one arena job, got it new arena job. Deleted that new job ( one can delete /day, right?) and suprise, got it arena job.

    How to f.... ( no, no I didint say that or wrote 😁) i can do arena jobs without energy what i cant get cos all jobs are arena jobs.

    No jobs what can do In map levels, do it 50 ball, 50000 purple candy, get 5 new stars,.. Zero, nada, ei ainuttakaan...

    And same tomorrow.

    Time to stop playing?!?!

  • jane0979
    jane0979 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2021

    *Edited by CM: Unsupported language*

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