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Update on the Bubblegum Hill



  • Chakra
    Chakra Posts: 189 Level 3

    Yes BGH is back with 3 levels to start with...let's see how this unfolds

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,864 Level 5

    I got for 93 Gold Bars from the FIRST attempt on Bubblegum Hill!!! 🤩

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 130 Level 3

    I didn’t get BGH 😪😪😪

  • koolmafer08
    koolmafer08 Posts: 92 Level 2

    No BGH for me 😢

  • mmurray7707
    mmurray7707 Posts: 36 Level 2
    edited June 2021

    No BGH for me either-Ugh! I thought we would have to wait again until "Bear Brawl" was over but apparently we ALL should be getting "Bear Brawl" AND "Bubblegum Hill" in this month long, "Harmony Season Event." At least that is what they are advertising via description...Not to mention the numerous players who currently have the BGH feature! The players who don't have BGH continue to be told Its been pulled from the game to better improve this feature and lets not forget the favorite generic response of, make sure your app is updated, your cache is clear, uninstall and reinstall the app. At the very least if BGH is not going to be an ongoing month event as advertised; please, give us some type of schedule-(Day of the week) players can expect the BGH feature in the " "Harmony Season Event."

    King-Communication and transparency would be much appreciated for your loyal customers!

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    I might as well stop playing Bear Brawl. Less than 24 hours in and the leader already has 1320 points!

  • 2easy
    2easy Posts: 282 Level 3

    Ty for BGH studio team 😊

    Now that is not 2easy, only 3 levels but last one is not 2easy.


    Say thanks to team.

    ( I ❤️ gif good feed back, but i gif bad ones too)

    Have a nice rest of week, all ones who read it this one ❤️ ( i wrote right that "rest.."?! Bad english 😁)

  • 2easy
    2easy Posts: 282 Level 3

    " Run to the hills, run for your lives.."

  • Gumyupawpaw
    Gumyupawpaw Posts: 1,566 Level 4

    For those lucky people who have BGH, good for you. I haven’t got BGH for a long long time now, I don’t have bear brawl either. It has been boring to keep replaying level 1 over and over again as I don’t have any new levels to play , good job it’s Friday tomorrow, New levels will appear, MTF just came back yesterday and I have Kimmy’s arcade this morning. Thank God for that..

  • sa200
    sa200 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I’m not having BGH for months. I see some players are having it. I’m requesting King to give BGH to all players. It’s not fare to the players if at some get it and some doesn’t 😡

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