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Reward daily

risdi_hamida Posts: 1 Newbie

Why iam not received reward daily and reward game arcade???


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @risdi_hamida Hi and welcome,

    All the features in the game are test features and are not always guaranteed to be in your game, They is given to groups of randomly selected people, so this just means your not in that group at present but you could be again in the future. It can also be missing due to temporary problems

    To make sure your getting the features available to you check your game is up to date and log out and restart your device , then log back in. regularly do this to keep your game as up to date as possible

    Thank you

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 14,866 Soda Moderator

    Hello a d welcome to our friendly Community @risdi_hamida Do you mean you have Kimmy’s Arcade, played it, but you didn’t receive the rewards? Sometimes it’ll help to do some troubleshooting to receive the rewards: log out of the game  - clear the cache (super important!) - power off your device for at least 1 minute - restart your device - check for game and device updates- log back into the game. Also make sure you have at least 2GB free memory storage to run the game smoothly.

    If you mean why you don’t have Kimmy’s Arcade in your game; not everyone has the same features. Most features are in a testing phase, so that can mean you don’t have it right now. But make sure you have always your game and device updated, and who knows it’ll come to your game!

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