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  • NenikapakiNenikapaki Posts: 31,642 Level 5

    Hi@Nix66 . Thanks fo the tag. I already submitted my entry..😊💦

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • siti_payungsiti_payung Posts: 12,115 Level 5
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 12,521 Candy Moderator

    Thanks for the reminder @Nix66 🙏🤗

    There are still so many places I want to go, but there are other places I would love to revisit.

    One place that is on my bucket list is to go on safari in the Serengeti - but I want to go 'glam' style.

    I would start by flying into the Kilimanjaro airport - with the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    Then I would be off on my safari and start in the Serengeti National Park:

    I would make sure to include a champagne breakfast Hot Air Balloon ride:

    And of course I wouldn't leave the Serengeti before I got to see the Wildebeest migration:

    Then on to the Ngorongoro Crater

    Then finally before flying home I would fly over to Zanzibar for some rest and relaxation on their gorgeous beaches:

    Then it would finally be time to fly home! 😊🐨💕

    (Who would like to join me 😁)

  • EOTheGr8EOTheGr8 Posts: 1,637 Level 4

    I’m sure a lot of people would love to go to New York because there are all these amazing sights to see!

  • dannyalvarodannyalvaro Posts: 128 Level 3
  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,211 Friends Moderator

    My most memorable "vacation" was the 8-day period I spent attending 6 college graduations for my children -- 1 at Texas State University, 2 at Texas A&M University, and 3 at Saint Louis University. It was one of the proudest moments of my life!

  • KCullen127KCullen127 Posts: 2,752 Pro Player 👑
    edited September 2021

    You have to take a flight to this great country - MALAYSIA located in Southeast Asia - an incredible mixing pot of cultures. The flight costs between USD750-1,100.

    Malaysia is a diverse community. In Malaysia you can explore modern cities, colonial architecture and not forgetting the beautiful beaches . Here are the reasons why I am recommending Malaysia as the ultimate summer vacation destination.

    1. Exchange rate: 1 USD = $4.14 Malaysian Ringgit.
    2. Beautiful beaches - The beaches are complete with coral and white sands

    3.Diverse culture - Malay, Chinese and Indian - a unified Malaysian culture. Very friendly and very courteous people.

    4.Colonial Architecture - The great state of Melaka or Malacca. The influence of British, Dutch and Portuguese can be found in forts, museums, churches and towers. 

    5.Modern Architecture - Petronas Towers.  According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 when they were surpassed by Taipei 101.


    Malay culture food

    Indian culture food

    Chinese culture food

    No visa required if you are staying less than 90 days. Hope you have a great time there. Remember to bring your camera.

    Don't forget to say hi to @siti_payung and @Diamond Lim when you are there.

  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,238 Level 5


    I do not know when my next flight will be (I think this is not the time to fly and have to take care of my health even though I am vaccinated 3 times against COVID-19). I remember the last one was to Budapest in January 2020 but not about that I want to tell. As part of my former work I have been to many places in the world in exhibitions as a presenter and also in many places for technical support. Can't tell about all the places then there will be a book, and I have no plans to write a book.The trip was to an exhibition at the East Africa Conference in Swaziland in August 2010 and the special one where I met the King of Swaziland face to face, and was also invited to a ceremony where the King chooses a new woman for his collection which was then 13.I also visited a small safari located in the small country.

    With 2 local warriors

    Explains to the king in the exhibition

    In the restaurant of the exhibition

    On a safari with the Hippos

    Girls are nominated for a ceremony in which the king chooses a new wife

    The king in battle uniform with warriors (he has feathers on his head)

    Some of the king's wives (with their backs to the camera) dance the girls

    Me in the ceremony

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,666 Legend

    Thank you very much to everyone that took time to participate in this ✈️ Summer Flights ✈️ thread and shared your travel plans!

    This contest is now officially closed. 🙌

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,666 Legend
    edited September 2021

    And now it’s my pleasure to announce the Top 3 ✈️ Summer Flights ✈️ submissions! Each will receive the badge and 20 Gold Bars!

    The winners are ….🥁 … drumroll … 🥁 …


    @johamilton @a_trost @bearwithme


    Congratulations! 👏👏👏 Please provide your Player ID below so that your well deserved Gold Bars may get added to your Soda Games. 🤩

  • Diamond_LimDiamond_Lim Posts: 76,641 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Congratulations to winners! 🎉🎉🎉

    @johamilton @a_trost @bearwithme

  • CassDCassD Posts: 9,151 Level 5

    Congratulations @johamilton, @a_trost and @bearwithme .

    Thank you @Nix66 for an excellent contest which has made for very interesting reading.

  • johamiltonjohamilton Posts: 9,682 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Oh my, I am so tickled...I won! I try to always enter just to be a part of all the communities! Now I know how the other players feel 🏋️‍♀️😀🙃 My ID# is 1121566254, Thanks @Nix66 , I totally will use these gold bars! 🤩

  • KCullen127KCullen127 Posts: 2,752 Pro Player 👑

    @johamilton - Congratulations.

    @Nix66 - Last night I submitted my late entry. However my entry is missing from this site. Do you know what I did wrong? I posted 6-7 pictures with my entry and edited my entry and resubmit it again before exiting the site. If I have not submitted my entry, it would be listed in my draft folder but there is no draft copy in my profile. Thanks for your input.

  • Racoon7Racoon7 Posts: 7,330 Pro Player 👑

    Congratulations @johamilton @a_trost and @bearwithme

    Thank you @Nix66 for a wonderful and very interesting contest.

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