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Lost all boosters

iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2

I had to un then re- install CCSoda several days ago (FBook option disappeared), and in the process lost All my boosters - both "pre'(ie. colouring candy, extra fish, etc)" and "in" (ie. red hand, lollipop, etc)" - game boosters as well as my saved up sonic lollipops :-(.

Ive submitted 2 Contact Us messages but still haven't heard anything back,nor have had any of my missing items restored.

I know you guys are prolly very busy, so I apologize for bugging you. I love playing this game but now it's not even fun cuz I've lost everything. :-(

In the meantime, I've spent gold bars just to buy some boosters that needed but didn't have. I don't know if its possible to ask you guys to maybe consider that as well if you do read my messages and reinstate all my lost items but I would be so thankful.

I hope there's a way you guys can see all the details of what all I had saved in boosters before I had to un, re-install- I just would love to get them back as quickly as possible.

Thank-you for your assistance with this, I hope it can all be resolved soon :).


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  • iamleace
    iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2

    I know, I tried everything else in troubleshooting but nothing worked..

    But when i had to do it before I still got all my boosters back, so thats why I'm a little confused. I just want to get all my stuff back. I'm pretty sure the tech support people can see what all I had prior to my reinstall.

    But I still haven't received any responses from them dating back to my first contact. Are they super busy maybe?

    Thanks for your reply, I really hope I can get my stuff back soon cuz it kinda sucks trying to play with nothing and having to spend my saved gold bars for boosters I already had. Yes I'm self-pitying badly.


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