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Gold bars stolen

Preety_Singh Posts: 19 Level 2

Candy soda stole my 215 gold bars. I was playing bubble hill on my android device when suddenly I see gold bars tally coming to 2 . Since I have the game on my iPhone too I checked but there also the tally showed 2. Upon enquiry from customer care I was told that the bars were used while doing level 1421so they couldn't refund it  ( ironic since that level was not even updated on either of my  device so how could I play that ) . I sent them a pic of the last level on my phone but king hasn't replied .how do I get my gold bars back. 

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  • StuckInATree
    StuckInATree Posts: 4,755 Level 3
    Answer ✓

    Gold bars are tracked, they will be able to see each and every transaction made so if their systems says it's been spent then I don't know if they'll refund it, more likely to compensate if anything but you need to get back in touch with customer care directly.


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