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Forum Log In Every Day Now??? What's up?

Calamity_Coyote Posts: 113 Level 3

What is up with the forum now? For the past week, I've been having to log in each time I visit (which is daily). Even though I have selected the box to keep me logged in. I am using Google Chrome for my browser and I don't remember changing any settings for it to be logging me out each time. Other forums that I visit daily are still logged in when when I go to them. Just seems to be an issue with Kings forum. I know, not a really big issue, but just a little annoying. Any ideas?


  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,333 Level 3

    Mike, I also use Google Chrome. But I do not have and never had such problems with entering the forum as you have.

    But there is an important nuance here.

    I log into the forum using Win 10. (I can play on a smartphone too. But we are friends with Google Translate only on a laptop.)

    I think you are accessing the forum from your smartphone.

    Our browsers have the same name, but they are different software. This software differs not only between a smartphone and a laptop. This browser does not depend on the device, but on the type of operating system of the device.

    I think you need to specify here the type of operating system on which you are accessing the forum. For example: Android, Win 10 or other. Maybe with this clarification you will get more useful information. I hope that players who use the same operating system as you to log into the forum will confirm whether or not they have such a problem. And then you will understand what the problem is - this is the problem of the forum or the problem of your gadget.

    I want your problem to be solved.

    (You asked your question in the Off-Topic section. But you have a real problem. Report problems in the Support section, or at least in the Discussions section. It is very unlikely that someone will notice your problem in the Off-Topic section. I think that few people enter this section.

    Ask your question in one of those sections of the forum or call the moderators here, tags.)

    Good luck to you.

    Say hello to the team for me, please.

  • Calamity_Coyote
    Calamity_Coyote Posts: 113 Level 3

    Hey Elena. Thanks for the reply. I am using Win 10 on my desktop to access the forum. Sorry, forgot Google can be used on smartphones too.

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