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Level screen only showing my score



  • RNKmac
    RNKmac Posts: 166 Level 3

    No no other problems except no other scores but mine. I don't have a friend's list maybe that is the reason. Do I have to make a fiends list. I thought people I don't know would show up. That was how it was before. Maybe they changed that?

  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,142 Soda Moderator
    edited February 7

    Hello @RNKmac

    I see, thanks for providing more details. Then the situation makes sense and missing scores from people is not a recent issue after all.

    You're correct, it was possible to have random friends before, now it's not possible anymore

    The previous system of assigning random friends to players' lists has been removed a few years ago and has been replaced by implementation of Social Hub feature.

    Social Hub allows players to customize their friends lists so they can add and remove players of their choice instead of King's. Everyone who gets Social Hub feature, starts out with a blank friends list which needs to be manually filled out by the player by sending invites to other players. Once you have friends, you may ask for and receive lives and see friends' scores in highscore bar or in any other event.

    players who don't get Social hub feature (unfortunately it happens) or get it but don't add friends have blank friends lists. So they can't ask for/ receive lives nor see friends' scores anywhere.

    So if you do have Social Hub feature available in your game:

    I recommend to add friends. You can do so by following the feature friends suggestions or by sending invites when you tap on avatar pictures of players you see in any Soda event. More infos here

    hope this helps 🙂

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