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How can I break my piggy bank for free?

I feel that we should not be forced to pay for gold bars that we have already earned.  King should allow us to break it for free, or not store our gold bars at all and just let us have them when we earn them.  Total rip off.


  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,344 Community Manager

    Hi Angel,

    The mechanics of the Piggybank are there to give you a better deal than the usual. I'd like to challenge you if I may, I don't think it's a rip off. Up until then there was just the usual offers, and this is simply a new way of getting gold bars and helping us progress.

    Given that Candy Crush Soda Saga is already free to play at all levels, some monetisation is obviously needed for the game to be stable and for us to be capable of providing thousands of hours of entertainment to millions of fans out there. I'm sure you can understand that :-).

    Thanks for your feedback though! I would agree that the feature is not very clear and there's been some confusing among our players on how it works. However and just to be honest, as of now, there are no plans on changing the mechanics.



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