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On AlphaBetty...why do you not give any sort of awards, prizes, or daily awards...I mean you give the little thing where it untangles one letter, or spreads the cheese, or whatever but NOTHING significant. Please give some type of hammer or line buster or some kinds of rewards like you finally started doing on Candy Crush...also on Candy Crush Soda Saga you don't give any help or prizes either...sometimes you have a thing where you have to go thru 3 or so boards and you get a little prize, but nothing for playing daily or just for playing. On Farm heroes you give boosters every so many hours...why cant you do that on soda saga and alpha betty?


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900

    Personally I don't see them introducing daily rewards in this game or any of their new games really. It seems that idea was thrown and replaced with challenges and special events instead where you can earn prizes. 

  • Baz_JamesBaz_James Posts: 861

    The reason they started doing this on other games was quite simply that they had gotten too difficult in the later levels to be anything other than effectively impossible without boosters, I suspect. Having now completed every level of AlphaBetty at a 3 star rating I have to say that I have not found the game to be anywhere near difficult enough as yet to justify similar amounts of help being given away. Don't forget that you also have your artifact library to draw on for every game which used judiciously is at least as good as an extra booster. It's well worth going back over previous rounds and bringing them up to 3 stars as this will give you all the artifact power-ups.

  • lin22alllin22all Posts: 6

    this is my question too. Only game that I don't get ANY boosters at all. Why bother showing them on the side of the game if no one is every going to get them?

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