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  • keshavrf
    keshavrf Posts: 1,146 Level 4

    @LoFiGummy Welcome new CM ☃️⛄🎇

  • keshavrf
    keshavrf Posts: 1,146 Level 4

    @LoFiGummy Hi, what is your primary language of listening songs? (Mother tongue or 2nd language)

  • LoFiGummy
    LoFiGummy Posts: 666 Community Manager

    Hello and thank you for the welcome! Most of the music I listen to usually don't have anyone singing actually. I find it more comforting to be able to focus, as lyrics gets distracting. Otherwise it's either English or Japanese. I don't really like songs that are in Swedish which is my native language, I just don't enjoy it too much. :D

  • moe75
    moe75 Posts: 4,418 Level 5

    Hi @LoFiGummy

    Welcome to the Community

  • Palash_Sarma
    Palash_Sarma Posts: 6,155 Level 5

    Hi @LoFiGummy 😊

    Welcome to the King Community

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,400 Level 5

    Welcome @LoFiGummy to the community 💕

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 146,159 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello there and Welcome to Sweet King Community! @LoFiGummy 👋😄

    Wow! That was so awesome introduce yourself! 👍😄 Thank you for your start joining us and do working and helping with @FluffyDinosaur @Yosca and @Pitty_Kitty on Soda Community together now! 🤗

    Alright! Let's introduce myself now! 😉

    I am Diamond Lim (You can also called me Lim is short as well). I am 24 years old from Malaysia 🇲🇾 while I am still Diamond Diaries Moderator (also Diamond Diaries Expert / Skill Master Player) that I can still doing and helping the players to solve any levels and problems on Diamond Diaries Community right now. 💍😄

    Of course! I always love playing Diamond Diaries Saga as this game is my best favourite and opinion King's Game forever especially as I love linking charms and also love diamonds, matryoshka dolls and beautiful marvelous destinations! I always on the max level (Level 4085 currently now) on this game forever! 💎😍 Except I love still playing Diamond Diaries Saga right now, I have also still playing Candy Crush Friends Saga while I am also still on the max level (Level 6820 currently now) too. I also love playing Candy Crush Friends Saga! 😄

    I am not just Diamond Diaries Moderator, of course! Everyone needs my helps to tag them. So they called me "Queen of the Tags / Tagging Queen / Hero" as they always need my helps to tag them when the new exciting discussions, feedbacks, contests and more exciting news and threads around King Community right now. 😉

    Anyway, I am still very busy to do (also sadness sometimes) and dislike chatting in my real life mostly.

    And I have still Learning Disabilities (from 2009 to present) then I am speaking languages are very slow and bad. 😅 I can still speaking four languages are Chinese (My Native Language)Cantonese, Malay (But Minor/Lessly) and English. I speak and write English is little bad but I still love to speak and write English better than my native language. Then I was joined on King Community on 14th July 2018, I was start newbie player then I didn't know how to navigate around King Community and how to do these and help the players on Diamond Diaries Community. I was still learning how to navigate around King Community and also how to do these and help the players slower. Then finally I did it! So I could still do, work and help the players around King Community from early 2019 to present right now. 😄

    So I will still never give up and trying my best to do, work and help the players around King Community right now! 👍😄 You too! We hope you will also still trying your best to do working and helping the players on Soda Community right now! 👍😄

    I am still shining like a diamond! Sassy! 💍😄

    💎 Diamond Lim 💎

  • EOTheGr8
    EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,681 Level 5

    Hey there @LoFiGummy! Warmest welcome to our community! 👋

    I’m Eli. I’ve been part of the Community for quite awhile now… I believe next Summer will mark 4 years of me being here! I joined back in 2020 but I really became an active member more towards 21 during the Crash OTR era (I miss those days 😔). As for my experience here, it’s definitely had its ups and downs I’ll tell you that…but perhaps in a good way because I do enjoy a good rollercoaster!

    Anyways, I’m a very big Pet Rescuer! I’ve been playing it for so long, yet I’m barely in the 1000’s 😂

    My other fav games are Candy Saga and Soda. I used to play a lot more of the games when I was more active around here, but now it’s just those.. which takes me to my next thing. I used to be an EXTREMELY active member here in previous years. If you wanna take a look in my profile and go through some of my threads (feel free! 😊), you may be able to find some projects and other things I’ve done in the past here! Unfortunately I don’t really do them anymore because there’s a new policy saying that my threads cannot be tagged anymore like how mod/CM threads (like this one) are tagged, but I completely understand it. They tell me I can still tag my own friends and stuff, but the main point of them was to welcome more people here, especially newbies trying to find their way, but not just the same people everytime!

    But yeah nowadays you’ll mainly just find me popping in and out. Not a lot, but trust me, you’ll see me. 😉

    …maybe a little more often now just for me to see what you can do! You seem like someone who can definitely ‘hype’ things up for sure! 😁

    Pleasure to meet you, friend. 🙂

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 14,923 Pro Player 👑

    A very warm welcome to the Community @LoFiGummy I look forward to seeing you around 😍

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