Open your piggy bank without paying



  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,378 Legend
    edited September 30
    Hello @Dee26

     You can not. Just ignore it. I do that too. Just keep playing.

  • lala65lala65 Posts: 1
    I agree!I agree!
  • rosie13rosie13 Posts: 2
    Agree 100%  we worked hard for those bars..why bother?
  • tmotgantmotgan Posts: 1
    I earned my bars I feel I shouldn’t have to pay to bust the bank.   Maybe a extra hard level to bust it or quest but not pay for them.  
  • aquariloveaquarilove Posts: 1
    We would definitely play the game more if we had access to bars.
  • heidifralickheidifralick Posts: 19
    edited October 14
    Has this question been answered yet cause I'd totally agree! I think that all this time playing should be with better rewards such as "Busting the piggy bankbank!!!"
  • jdragononjdragonon Posts: 3
    No not that I am aware of I just forget it and deleated the game. I liked it but I cant spend mony on dumb games.... sorry
  • jdragononjdragonon Posts: 3
    No not that I'm aware of I just decided to forget it and I deleted the game. I did like the game but I can't spend money on dumb games... Sorry
  • Create a new subgame - bank-robbery :D
  • judeannsmljudeannsml Posts: 1
    I’m such a fan I play it all the time. I get stuck on some of the very hard games but that’s the strategy to get thru them right.. lol 
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