Level 2020 is not functioning well.

The bar with jelly underneath should give a red line when a fish or other thing touches it - and when you have enough of the red lines it explodes with the jelly.

Here is the thing. The fishes are touching the bar - only the bar does not give a red line.

1 fish touch - 1 red line.
2 fish touch - 1 red line
3 fish touch - 1 red line
4 fish touch - 1 red line

This is NOT CONFORM all of the other levels. If 2 fishes touch the bar - 2 red lines are given.

And than - all of the sudden - in the middle - when 2 fishes touch the bar - 2 lines are given - but after that one moment in the middle of the bar, it is back to 2 fish or even 4 fish - 1 line. (I had the fish booster + 2 fishes combined = 4 fishes all 4 touching the bar but only one line is given)

Because of the touching the bar and the red lines that do not correspond - the level is extra difficult and I don't think it is fair to make it difficult by having a bar not respond right to the touching it.

Same thing in not responding to touch is with a combination of a multicolour+striped sweet.
I see a striped sweet touch the bar. A fish that comes free with the above combination touches the bar.. only one red line is given although it is 2 times a touch in one move.

That is an easy way to create a difficult level.. just make sure the red lines are not given right so it takes a lot of moves before all the red lines are complete to let the bar explode and you have no more moves left. Buy more moves!!!

I don't agree with this kind of ways to earn money on moves when it is the game that is corrupt made. 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 3,057 Community Moderator
    Very good question @JetKuil-Snaterse!

    We do have a slight technical issue with this feature. Rest assured however that our developers are already aware of this and are working hard to find a resolution as quickly as possible. 

    At the moment we do not have a timeframe for a fix so until this is improved, you will probably still encounter the same issue when you continue playing the game.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience while we look into this 😉

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  • This apologies is nice but does not really help with my problem though @QueenB .
    I have serious problems passing this level in a normal way. And because of a malfunction it is problematic.
    How will you help me pass this level knowing this is a technical issue coming from King?
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