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(FINISHED) Kimmy's Vocabulary Challenge

Lola_Pop Posts: 11,997 Community Manager
edited May 2020 in Contests

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Help Kimmy with this Vocabulary Challenge, Soda crew!!

Kimmy was working on a vocabulary challenge her Dad, Mr. Toffee, gave her. He presented her with the picture below and told her to try and make as many 2-5 letter words as she could

Letters can only be used once in each word. Can you help Kimmy come up with as many words as possible?


  • you can make words using 2 to 5 letters of the above circle
  • each letter can be used just once in each word
  • only players who use the spoiler feature will be eligible for the reward

Please use the spoiler so other people can come up with their words on their own:

5 Random players will be chosen to win 20 Gold bars in their Candy Crush Soda game. Our Superstar @bearwithme will announce the winners once the competition finishes.

Who will make the most words? Will it be you?

You have until the 8th of May 13.00 CET to come and post any words you can create!


Terms and Conditions are right here.


This competition has been brought to you by our amazing @bearwithme



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