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New Feature: Kimmy's Arcade!



  • mattbondymattbondy Posts: 146 Level 3

    Yup it came out November 2019... I've still yet haven't seen it in my game......

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 53 Level 3

    Well I had Kimmys arcade for about 2 weeks. Now poofs it’s gone. Good grief what are they doing. Are they trying to make their customers mad. Well if so they are successful. I will stop spending on something that’s so poorly run.

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,480 Community Manager
    edited June 3

    Hello everyone!

    @Yosca thanks a lot for your feedback 🤗

    @geminigirly it sounds that could be the case. I'm asking to the Studio to see why it has disappeared. I will let you know as soon as they back to me.

    In the meantime, @geminigirly and @teresawallace44 and @boxer6 as @Yosca says, could you be more specific on what exactly do you like about the feature?

    What do you think of the prizes now, do you miss something, how about your chances?

    Anything you would like to share with us? It will be certainly of much help to the Studio!

    Have a Sodalicious day 🤗

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  • CFYCFY Posts: 14 Level 2
    edited June 3

    Dear @LadyRaffie ,

    I also had the Arcade until the update last week, so I can also tell you why I liked it. And I had it both before and after the modification from 15 to 7 levels...

    I love Kimmy's Arcade because it gives us great chances to win many prizes and boosters. However, the game is kept exciting because you're never guaranteed to win. You can play it safe and withdraw after a few levels, however that means the prizes will be smaller. Or you can take high risks and keep playing for much better rewards, but at a higher chance of losing it all. It's very exciting, and it takes some time to learn how to "manage the risk", however it's always a bit risky. It's amazing and very fun! 🤩

    Another great thing is that every 12 hours you can play for free, or alternatively, you can also spend gold to play. And the amount is not excessive, only 4 bars of gold to play or keep playing at the Arcade. I find it reasonable, especially if combined with winning gold from the Episode Races or the Bubblehum Hill.

    Then after the modification from 15 to 7 levels, it got even better. Less levels means spending less gold to keep playing, however the risk is still there and it keeps the game exciting. Also, the highest levels could yield up to 4 or 5 hammers or striped hammers or hands... My favorite kind of prize!... 😄😄

    A suggestion would be to reinstate gold as a prize.

    As mentioned, my Arcade disappeared after last week's update. Please, please ask the studio when we can get it back! 🍀

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 1,524 Game Expert
    edited June 3

    So I am thinking because they are testing BGH the studio decided to give priority to BGH and temporarily no Kimmy’s Arcade? 🤔 🙏🏻Wishful thinking....And yes I also had the 7 levels (and before 15 levels)

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  • teresawallace44teresawallace44 Posts: 337 Level 3


    I like the prizes they give out on Kimmys Arcade. Those prizes helps me beat levels in the game. Sometimes I get stuck and Kimmys Arcade has helped me pass the level I’m stuck on. The prizes are easy to get up to level 7, usually don’t go pass 7 in fear I might lose the prizes I have already.

    I hopes this helps.

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • geminigirlygeminigirly Posts: 4 New Bee


    I like it because it's where I can get more 1-use boosters at once. I like having several different boosters that I can choose from, and also being able to choose *when* I'll use them (as opposed to the login boosters, which are great, but don't always fit the needs you have for a specific level or moment).

    The boosters help me a lot passing the harder levels. At the moment, without the Arcade (and because I reinstalled the game to see if it would come back, therefore I unknowingly lost the boosters I had), I'm having a hard time passing some levels, which leaves me very frustrated and less encouraged to play the game.

    I also love that it has 2 free daily chances and that it doesn't cost too many gold bars to keep playing.

    Furthermore, the dynamic is exciting because you can better improve your strategy as you get to know the game more. The risk factor is also very exciting.

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 53 Level 3

    I enjoyed playing soda with Kimmys arcade very much. I probably have spent more on that feature than any other. I don’t mind paying for entertainment if I feel it’s fair. But the on and off of availability of this feature is very troubling. Thanks

  • Nana6Mom4Nana6Mom4 Posts: 2 New Bee

    I had the arcade for a few weeks a long time ago and it went away until about 3 weeks ago. It came back & I loved it! Now it’s gone again. Will it be a regular feature? Please!!

  • CFYCFY Posts: 14 Level 2

    Any updates on this, please?... 😥

    @LadyRaffie , @Xarly , @QueenB , @Spinnifix , or other moderators, has the Studio said anything about Kimmy's Arcade?...

    I know that right now everyone is losing their minds rather about Bubblegum Hill being absent, but I actually don't care that much about that one. It's rather Kimmy's Arcade that I'm awaiting like crazy!... Please let the Studio know that we love it and want it back!...

    (And sometimes I even spent money on the Arcade, which I never did before and also haven't done again since it disappeared, so there's that... 🤣 )

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 53 Level 3

    Give your players what they enjoy and they will spend their money to keep it as enjoyment. Thanks

  • leafcrushleafcrush Posts: 12 Level 2
    edited June 6

    Well I had this nice feature but it disappeared earlier this week. Had hoped that meant bubblegum hill would be. back this weekend. Well no! Now all I have the whole weekend is the team games. Waiting for lives. Etc. not a happy camper with the game right now!

  • SSPBSSPB Posts: 8 Level 2

    Love this feature as it allows building up of boosters other than the plain lolly. Can we have daily opportunities to play it, please? Seems like it will show up some days and not others.

  • les99les99 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Is Kimmy's arcade available on an Android?

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