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  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,436 Level 5

    @Lola_Pop @LadyRaffie and @Spinnifix

    Do any of you guys know when they are giving out the 3000 badge? I posted my screenshot earlier in this post.

    Thanks in advance,

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend

    @Lola_Pop - can I join the 3000 club please 🙏🏻

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,352 Sweet Legend


    Please take the picture and it will be delivered free! Have fun

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,436 Level 5

    Here’s my pic @Spinnifix. I thought I’d already posted it earlier. Maybe I didn’t. Lol 😁

    I couldn’t load my pics from my iPad so I hope this works. 🤷‍♀️


    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,352 Sweet Legend


    Hi! Since the picture is too small I had to click on it and then it was shown to me. I hope that my two will do it too.

    @Lola_Pop & @LadyRaffie

  • BeckyBubblegum
    BeckyBubblegum Posts: 536 Level 5

    Can't wait to see that Sodalicious badge on my profile page!

    Almost at level 4000!

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited June 2020

    Hi @Timmy89,

    Yes, we are aware that "Bubblegum Hill" is no longer in our game. Our Community Manager @Lola_Pop informed us on this, along with other staff here. It has been clearly pointed out, that it was removed because of serious issues with it.

    Players had reported a number of things, incl:

    • Loss of or not getting 6 Popsicle Hammer
    • Gold being removed from their acct.
    • No 1 hour unlimited lives
    • No reward for taking or claiming the "Bubblegum Hill" throne.
    • I myself reported long ago, that getting into "Bubblegum Hill", was taking up to 5 mins or longer, which can add up quickly, 6 attempts x 5 mins = 30 min loss, if you have timed boosters running. I haven't had it in months. So have to wait. The question here is: "Why do you want something that is not working correctly?"

    Our Community Manager @Lola_Pop, has also told us, when she gets more info, she will report it then. They are very busy people, do a lot of things for us.

    Also, we are in a "Coronavirus Outbreak" with - "A Stay At Home Policy" in effect, this means there are skelton crews working on the issues. Which in turn puts more pressure, time restraints or workloads on them.

    You have been clear on why you don't like or love "Badges", of course you are entitled to voice your opinion on this.

    But, let's take a look.

    1. No one ever said, to the best of my knowledge that Community Badges would benefit you in a "King" game.
    2. Community Badges have been around for some time. The players like them, & @Lola_Pop put a lot of work into them. They are pretty, even my "Duck" below wants them. 😁
    3. If you take a look at: Game Expert, Superstar, Legend, & so forth. These badges can help you in getting to these titles, some are honorary, some must be earned, by helping others.
    4. Once you do get a title, the entitlements & responsibilities go hand & hand with each other. One of those entitlements is Gold into your game. Some are working towards that goal. So this answers the 1st question.
    • Summary

    Need to keep things separate, this forum is on badges. The "Bubblegum Hill" forum, you have been directed too before, if I am not mistaken.

    Being given a badge for your accomplishments in life or a game, is nothing new. Even King Games themselves have it, like the phone app, "Master Trophies List". At one point, you could get boosters or rewards from it, not sure now, because I don't use wifi.

    Being rewarded or badged, gives them recognition, or significance if you like. The USA Military have badges.

    As I mentioned before, there is also the "Aesthetic" appeal.

    So, you haven't taken things to their logical conclusion. I have no problem with that, just put yourself into the other person's shoes, & you might find something that you didn't think of.

    Hope this helps.

    Welcome To The King Community - Origins7 Dale, 😀


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