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Hi guys,

So, are there any other people here who would like the option to turn off hints?! If so please vote!

At the moment I can only really play Candy Crush Saga (which I LOVE incidentally) but I would also love to play the others! I love the animation and music on Friends, Soda and Jelly too 😊

From reading comments online it also seems at least a few people have given up playing because they do not have an option to turn off hints. I bet there are lots more out there!

(I understand that some things are rolled out to small groups first to test, and if this is the case and this has already been implemented for some, I apologise, but I’ll admit the system does confuse me- maybe it would be an idea to have a page of previous ideas that have already been implemented/are being tested/have been rejected, as well as active ideas? Might help newbies like me!)

Thank you all!!!

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