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HelenBackAgain Level 2


  • It’s nice to finally have Bubblegum Hill again, but this “energy” thing is garbage. It was so much better when we could just use lives for it. And now I have more than 100 energy and Bubblegum Hill won’t open the first level. I won a bunch via Noble Path so it’s at 175, and I guess the system doesn’t understand that. So…
  • People are still losing Mr. Toffee’s Fair in February 2021. I have it on one device and not on another! Tried reinstalling, lost my boosters but didn’t get the Fair feature back. Losing boosters would be nbd if I had it; it’s the main way I earn them. Looking at posts above, it’s been three months apparently that this has…
  • Master Trophy is stupid and it'd be nice if it were removed. It's obviously never been updated; there clearly are no further titles beyond Clever Carny, and I'm sick of his idiotic face. The option to disable the feature seems to be gone, or I'd do that.
  • I finish the new levels in two days most weeks, three at most, so, ya know, it is not as if this game is hard for me generally. And generally I do enjoy it, too. It's not just an addiction, I"m really having a good time playing. With that for context: Telephone Tier is impossible without boosters so what's the point? I'm…
  • Thanks. Might still be fun to play a little, but some levels are effectively impossible without boosters. I guess I'll find other time-suckers that aren't King games!
  • It's been MONTHS since I last saw Bubblegum Hill. It would be really nice to have it back.
  • I know, but I’ve been missing it for a couple of months at least. So I figured it had been removed in entirety for everyone, after so long, but apparently not. I appreciate that you’re trying to help but that actually made me feel worse. 😄 Thank you though.
  • Is Bubblegum Hill ever coming back?!?

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