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Peaches12 Level 3


  • Sorry, I can't help with this issue either. I play on a tablet but not through Facebook. My extra moves keep increasing to about 250.
  • When you help a friend pass a level it does not actually pass the level for the friend, it just gives them some boosters and a pop-up with the name of the friend that helped. The player still needs to pass the level on their own. If your husband does not get the boosters when he tries the level next time, there is a…
  • Jackie, First you should edit your post and remove your phone number as soon as possible This is a public forum and anyone can see it. I will tag @PummyRaj who will be able to let you know how to contact King about your purchase problem.
  • The only reward for helping a friend is the satisfaction of knowing you did something nice for a friend. The game does not give you a reward.
  • Mine seems to be stuck too and that rarely happens to me. I was just trying to send a life to a friend.
  • @kiara_wael If there is a way to ask a friend for help, then can you please provide more details? Your screenshot shows friends that need help and not how to ask for it. The only way I know to get a request for help sent is to fail a level many times and even then you will not know the request was sent unless someone helps…
  • Thank you, @christinewupp I do hope John Galt is not a cheater. I like their sense of humor in choosing that name. I don't think their real name is necessarily John, and I don't think that they are necessarily male. If I made my username Mary Poppins would you assume I was a female named Mary from the UK? Or a male from…
  • Did anyone try to match the leaderboards to the finalists? The only one I can match is Verissa. Who is John Galt?
  • Pardon. Bienvenue dans la communauté. À partir d’aujourd’hui, le forum a ajouté un traducteur pour ceux d’entre nous qui ne parlent pas français. N’hésitez pas à poster en français.
  • This is a great addition to the community. Will the translation go both way so that French and Spanish users can translate an English response into their language?
  • @Lenaig5929 Welcome to the community. As of today the forum added a translator for those of us who do not speak French. Please feel free to post in French.
  • You can't request help. If you fail a level enough times, the game will send a request to your friends for help. The only way you will know there was a request is if you get a pop-up when you play the level that says your friend sent some boosters to help. You still need to complete the level on your own.
  • You can't. If you fail the level enough times, the game will send the request for help to your friends and the only way you will know this is if you get a pop-up saying the friend sent some boosters to help.
  • @CheeSG This is a test that King is running. So far no one has had anything positive to say about it. See New Inventory Update not an issue this is a test near the top of the discussions.
  • I'll go with Suzanne. She is the only one not from North America. Good luck to all the finalists.
  • I received help on a level. The only way I knew it was requested was when I tried the level and got a pop-up saying the friend helped. I think I got a color bomb, a striped candy and a lucky board. I did pass the level and then sent her an extra life as a thank you.
  • You can send lives without being asked. I do it all the time. Just click on your avatar at the top, and then click the friends tab. Click on their avatar and you can send or request a life. You can also click on their avatar on the map and send or request a life.
    in Lives Comment by Peaches12 June 3
  • You can't. They are only good for playing the game. You can use them to get more moves when you have failed a level or trade them for boosters, but that is all they are good for. A million of them are not worth a penny.

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