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tabacbest Level 2


  • Here is my 10000 level picture ! Can I have my badge please? many thanks
  • Greetings. I am about to reach level 10000 and would like to know how many levels are left to play after that? once reached the last level what happens with all the boosters gold bars and rewards ? many thanks for your answer
  • Well thanks for your answer . I only can judge the drought season by its final visual as I haven’t had the chance to play the contest yet ,so from What I have experienced from the previous contests I do like the vivid Colors , the Pride season was colourfull and a real success in my opinion. Batula wonderballs is a real…
  • Thanks for your answer although I would rather be playing the drought season contest whereas I only have access to average contests such as « kimmy fishing party » not as appaling as the drought season contest…
  • Greetings I would like to know when and how I will get to play to the drought season contest ? I have reached level 6000 and on my screen it looks like the drought season contest is over as kimmy is standing on the waffle wharf completely flooded. has anyone had experienced the same situation and can you help ? many thanks

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