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Completed a piece but no reward

Michelle_Rayner_2 Posts: 11 Level 2
I’m on level 655, completed a 200 diamond piece of jewelry. Did not get the reward when I clicked on claim reward. Anyone else had this problem? 


  • Joseph45
    Joseph45 Posts: 1,582 Level 5
    Hello @Michelle_Rayner_2! I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Anyway, if you are having issues claiming your prize, the first thing to check would be to make sure you’re device is properly connected to the internet. Like the CC daily booster wheel (which you may be familiar with), an internet connection is required to receive such prizes. If, after this, you still cannot claim your prize, go to the Help Center in your game, and send King an email with the detail of your issue. To access help center follow these steps:

    1. Find and click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

    2. Then click the I, and select “Help Center”

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