Behind the Scenes: Episode 35 is out! Game Studio reveals the secrets for the new levels

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Hello my favourite Diamond hunters! 

I hope you're all having a brilliant day. And here is something to make it even brighter: The Game Studio's insights and tips on the brand new shinny levels! Enjoy ;)

"In this exciting new episode, you will be able to complete another 15 amazing levels. You can find classic levels and also new and innovative levels. 
Our favorite levels are: 656, 657, 661 These three levels feature innovative gameplay and require a new way of thinking to be passed.
Level 656 is a long board level in which you have to open the boxes and release the dolls in order to open the doors and let the diamond fall through this slope.
Level 657 you have to open the dolls, but this level have 2 doors that goes right-left each movement.
Level 661 this level has an "O" shape and you have to give the whole route first going up and then down in order to reach the necklace.
You can also find challenging levels such as 654, 657, 661 and 665, where your skills will be put to the test. 

We hope you enjoy this new episode of Diamond Diaries Saga!"

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