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Hello! Diamond Hunters! I am Diamond Diaries Expert Brilliant Linker!
Today I ask the tip is called "What are the special features?" 🎁 Let me teach you! ;)
The special missions in Diamond Diaries Saga provide new goals, as well as radiant rewards for completion!
Example : Diamond Missions, Mystery Chests and City Challenge! :)
1. Diamond Missions
Bernadetta will ask you to collect Diamonds for her - She’ll start the mission by showing you a sketch from Lucia’s diary and telling you how many diamonds are required to craft it. You complete the level an the diamond are collected! :)Attention! If you give up the level (you click 'Setting' button and 'Quit' button), you lose one live and the diamonds are NOT received! If you failed the level (it will show you 'do you want to buy extra moves?'), you click on 'X' button(if you don't buy extra moves), you lose one live again BUT the diamonds are received! ;) After you collect all of the diamond on the diamond counter! She will give you '10 gold bars' every diamond counter are collected!
2. Mystery Chests
The Mystery Chest might randomly appear on the every map(all of the country). Firstly, you must to collect Mystery Chest (free time). After you collect the Mystery Chest, you must collect the key (from 30 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes left) before time up! If you collect key completed, Congratulations! :) You will earn 3 things from Mystery Chest. The Mystery Chest have lives OR unlimited-lives, start-up boosters such as bird, blast and color blast and in-game booster such as hammer only but it will give you RANDOMLY! When you are feeling lucky, you will get RARE OR EXCEPTIONAL(It's very diffcult to get)! It is UNSURE to give randomly for us! If you can't collect the key after time-up, Opps! Sorry! The key will further to the map start on next day! :(
The Mystery will give you 3 things randomly as below:- :)
1. Lives
Normal        - One Live
Rare           - Three Lives
Exceptional - Full Lives
2. Unlimited-Lives
Normal       - One Hour
Rare           - Six Hours
Exceptional - One Day
3. Startup-Boosters
Normal       - One Booster
Rare           - Three Boosters
Exceptional - Five Boosters
4. Hammers
Normal        - One Hammer
Rare            - Two Hammers
Exceptional - Three Hammers
3. City Challenge
Once you arrive in a new city, you might be invited to race against some other players who’ve just started there too. You must complete last level and finish your race to get gold bars. From 1st place to 5th place as below:- :)
1st prize - 5 gold bars
2nd prize - 3 gold bars
3rd prize - Maybe 2 gold bars OR 1 gold bars
4th prize - Maybe 1 gold bar OR No given
5th prize - No given
I hope you can do this and I wish good luck all for you!
Have a SASSY day and happy playing!

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