Why "piggy bank" doesn't appear?

swifty01swifty01 Posts: 2
Recently I noticed that a Piggy Bank has not been appeared on my map, gold shop nor when getting gold bars after completing a level.  When I get some gold bars for a stage cleared bonus, they are stored in the system and also gold bar counter rose correctly. With a Piggy Bank, I also should be able to select "get free 5 gold bars" option (instead of buying all gold bars in the Piggy Bank) when the piggy bank is full. However, I can't have such a chance because I have no Piggy Bank.   

As a test, I logged out of the game and created another Kingdom account to play. Using the new account, I could get a free piggy bank after completing a certain level, then could get 5 gold bars and another piggy bank for free. 

Why I can't get Piggy Bank with my original account ?
I cant recall if I had a free Piggy Bank on the initial stage or never got it with the original account.

Android 8.0.0
Stage around 350



  • swifty01swifty01 Posts: 2
    As an additional testing (because I wonder if it is caused by AppCache on the phone), I logged in my original account to play from another device but found no Piggy Bank. 
  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,551 Community Moderator
    Hi @swifty01

    Good thinking to create that second Kingdom account! As you have found out, we cannot guarantee that all extra features like Piggy Bank are available for all player accounts and platforms. 

    Most of the challenges and extra features are running on test basis. Meaning that a certain group of players (can be decided according to game progress, platform, country etc) only get the challenge. Unfortunately we cannot hand pick player out or into the test group.

    To make sure if you're in the test group it's worth a try to reconnect the game to your Facebook or Kingdom account. Which it sounds like you have already done.. Also make sure that you keep your game app up to date in order to assure to get all of the available features to your device.

    You can check this video out on how to update your game:

    I know it's disappointing but not to worry, there's plenty of exciting things ahead!

    Diamond Diaries Saga competition: Do you have a brilliant memory? Win Gold Bars here!
    Candy Crush Saga competition: Match the Candy character with their name and win Gold Bars here! 
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