** 💎Diamond Diaries Expert Information💎 ** (Part 10) - Why cannot reached the next new level? 😫

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Hello! All of the Diamond Hunters! I am Diamond Diaries Expert Brilliant Linker! 😊

Today I ask the tip is called 'Why cannot reached the next new level? Let me teach you! 😉
Mostly of the players ask this question. Because you reached all of the levels or max level are completed! So you cannot reach the next new level on next destination! 😉
You are amazing Diamond Diaries Hunter! 👍
OR You also can check my screenshots as below 👇

When you complete max level, you see to get 1-3 stars on max level. 🌟🌟🌟

More cities will be available very soon that means more levels are coming soon. 😉

When are new levels released? 🤔
Their team will released new levels every two weeks! When new levels are released, you can play new levels right now OR you also can better to check new episode's levels on exciting news! 😉 (But some of the players can play new levels early one week!) 

You can check my signature as below to show how many levels are there? 

So I wish you can better read this information to understand! 😉
Have a SASSY weekend and enjoy your happy playing! ❤️

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