🎉It's my 1st Anniversary on King Community🎉 💎🌟Lim🌟💎

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Hello! Everyone! 👋 I am Lim while I'm Diamond Diaries Expert Player. I am born on 16th June 1999 and from Malaysia. I want to tell my best and happy memories on King Community from 14th July 2018 to now. Well, actually my English is bad but I love translate to English. 😅
On 14th July 2018, I feel fortunate to play Diamond Diaries Saga. I have joined King Support while I search for it. Then I feel excited to beginner's Diamond Diaries contest on King Care but I feel unlucky for no winning chance. 😢 But don't worry about me, I will luck next time! 😉

On November 2018, I just see King Care was replaced by King Community, I will introduce myself to everyone on King Community. Then, I become Diamond Diaries Expert Player because I get Diamond Diaries Expert Badge by King Community Team.

And I also draw my amazing art. 

I start to help players to solve any levels when they stuck crazy levels or levels changed. 😉
On December 2018, I post my expert informations to teach players about Diamond Diaries Saga then I feel excited to join these contests for winning. On Christmas Day, I love to share Christmas pictures while I tell my funny winter story is called 'What my sweet dream?' and also draw my Christmas art. 🎄🎨

On Valentine's Day, I join to 'St Valentine's Competitions' are called "Cupid Story" and ''Show love on your picture". Firstly, I tell to complete on "Cupid Story" together. After this competition ended, I get this badge while I win this contest. ❤️

Then I draw these arts on "Show love on your picture" to King Community Team. 

After this contest ended, I get this badge while I win 9th prize by Community Team. 

On Mid February 2019, I promoted to Best Friend, I have new signature of Diamond Diaries Saga only such as Diamond Diaries Expert Information and Diamond Diaries Exciting News and Events. 😊

Finally, I promoted to King Legend on End February. 👑

On End March 2019, I have chosen The Member of the Month - March 2019 by Community Team and Superstars Team as I am helpful and kind that I answer these King questions while I get The Member of the Month badge. I feel happy and grateful for whole community team! 🌟🌟🌟

On April 2019, I love to join 1st Community Race on Diamond Diaries Saga Community. I win 1st Community Race while this badge is called "Diamond Racer". 🏆 

On 2nd Community Race, I will kind to post less score and let to another player to chance. 😊
On May 2019, I love to find out all of the characters on Whole Community. This contest is called "Spring Contest". I love this contest to make me fun and get a lot of badges. 😍

On June 2019, I post my final expert informations currently about Diamond Diaries Saga. After that, I also feel very excited to join for "The Community Mastermind" while this contest is not over yet. This time is my birthday, I feel happy to see exciting new events on shopping centre and my friends give my cookies. ( When I come home, I feel cautious for Yeti the monster love to eat my cookies. ) Opps! It's my previous Christmas Dream. 😁 I turn 20 years old now. 
On now, I feel happy and grateful for my 1st Anniversary on King Community. 🎂 

I want to thank for King Community Team because you work these games so hardly every single day. Then I also want to thank for Superstars Team because you help everyone to solve any problems. 🤗

This my memories are making me feel grateful, proud and almost tears. So I wish you have a King weekend! All of you! 😊

💎✨ Diamond Lim ✨💎

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