💎 Counting Diamonds Game 💎 (Target #6⬆️) Let us make our 6th Sassy Necklace⬆️ with 2000 Diamonds⬆️

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Welcome back again! It is a counting game #6 and above #6... 

💎💎💎  🔢  💎💎💎

😃 We will count diamonds this time 😃



As in the game....
it is all about diamonds .... 

to complete levels you need to earn diamonds, with the number required. Diamonds need to be hooked on to diamond necklaces, 


💎 Let us make our 6th target 

to collect 2000 diamonds 💎

to make the 6th 

 [sassy necklace]

We will begin to assemble the diamond necklace from the last we achieved in the fifth target. 

for example :-

🔴 1st comment will say:


《 1501 diamonds 》

🔴 2nd comment will say:


《 1502 diamonds 》

🔴 3rd comment will say:


《 1503 diamonds 》


And so on ....
Till we complete our...

6th target⤵

collecting 2000 diamonds to make
our 6th Sassy Necklace"

Let's continue helping Lucy to count the diamonds from Bernadetta's mission! 

** And remember when we collect diamonds completed on 6th target first, we will continue to collect diamonds on 7th target on next comment/post! I will received next target from Bernadetta's mission! Good for counting diamonds! Everyone! 😊 **



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