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Why won't my game connect to the internet? I can't receive any of my prizes and I don't have any of.

alliecatalliecat Posts: 1 New Bee
Please help me with this


  • LimLim Posts: 6,367 Game Expert
    edited December 2019

    Hello there! @alliecat 👋

    Welcome to King Community! 👑

    Oh! I know this issue, I think some of players ask this question on this game too! ✋

    So don't be worry! You can click on "Contact Us" here. You can find on the bottom of the Community page:

    Then you make sure your email is correct, write your full name. After that, you choose a game is "Diamond Diaries Saga" or "Any King's Game" if you have playing this game or any King's Games, you choose a topic is "Problem with my game" and subtopic is "Prize not received". (Here is my example as below) 👇

    Finally you tell them "Why can't you receive the prizes/rewards?" and click on "submit".

    So you wait for Community Team (but it has taken longer) until their team will answer and help you about this issue/problem while you receive your email. 😊

    I hope this helps! 😉

    And I also give you exciting news on this game if you have playing this game, you don't forget to join this game's contests to chance to win FREE Gold Bars! 😊
    So click here with a chance to win Gold bars! 
    ** You can see "Announcement" , that means you can join it to chance to win gold bars. And "Finished" , that means that contest is over or finished! **

    I hope you can join this game's contests and have a SASSY day! ❤️

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