(FINISHED) Round One - Diamond Diaries Unscramble game

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Hello shiny Crafters!

Charlie got all excited about an event is on its way and he started messing with some of the sentences we have here on Diamond Diaries.
We know that you are amazing hunting diamonds all over the world, searching for long lost jewels and crafting new ones and that is why we ask for your help! 


Ladies, Gentlemen and dear Hunters: get ready because the Unscramble game has arrived!
Do you have what it takes to unscramble the Diamond Diaries sentences Charlie messed up with? 

There will be two rounds. 
In each one, you will find a set of 7 sentences. 

Do you think you can unscramble all of them?  
Yes? Then let's go for the first round:

1- rgeriPnpa ntiafrgc tloos

2- oilgCnor rhmcas

3- nsgcaehri rof sndadomi

4- owuplerf ammrhe

5- adrnobgi aetg

6- liehcar het dirb



3 players will be randomly picked and receive 10 Gold bars each for each round 

You have until Tuesday18th of February at 13pm CET to participate in the first round

and remember...

May the Community be with you 

- Terms and Conditions here


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