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My 9 gold bars were taken and not given

Fiona777Fiona777 Posts: 2 Newbie

I had 18 gold bars on Diamond Diaries and requested 9 to be used. It then hanged for almost 8 to 10 minutes and I had to restart and they had taken the bars even though I did not get the extra 5 options... This is not the first time...


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 53,890 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited February 2020
    Hello! @Fiona777 👋
    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Uh oh! Are you still trouble hanged to wait several minutes after you purchased to get extra 5 moves with using 9 gold bars then you restart and lose 9 gold bars again on this game many times? 😢

    I have 3 ideas to ask/help you this problem / issue : 

    1. You always use strong Internet Connection that you can uses gold bars to buy extra moves and boosters and will not losing your progress. So you don't wait longer on this game as well. (Any Devices) 

    ** If you haven't used Internet Connection or used poor Internet Connection, that's why you wait longer. **

    2. If you always used strong Internet Connection already but you have still trouble loading and waiting it that it's still not helps! 😢

    Don't worry! How about you tried to follow these troubleshooting steps of Crashing/Freezing issue/bug? (I hope it's solved! 🤔) 

    So what device are you playing on this game has this problem cause trouble loading and waiting (also called Crashing/Freezing)? 

    (Click here if you have playing any device 👇and all of the supports solved by Community Team, then you can find and follow troubleshooting steps that I hope this helps you haven't this happens on this game! 😉) 




    Windows mobile


    ⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

    If you want to try uninstall and install steps, you have your gold bars are saved/transfered and diamond counter has still counted but all of the boosters have lost and some events will be reset or gone

    3. If you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps of this problem but it's still not worked while still trouble loading after you purchased it! 😢

    Don't be worry too! You can click on "Contact Us" here. You can find on the bottom of the Community page:

    Then you make sure your email is correct, write your full name. After that, you choose a game is "Diamond Diaries Saga", then you choose your platform such as phone or PC, you choose a topic is "Problem with purchase" and subtopic is "Purchased items not received". (Here is my example as below) 👇

    Finally you tell them "Why can't get extra moves cause trouble loading after you purchased it with using gold bars?" and click on "submit".

    So you wait for Community Team (but it has taken longer) until their team will answer and help you about this issue/problem while you receive your email

    By the way, their team cannot help you to add your saved gold bars/boosters and also don't fix this bug/issue for players as mostly of players have no this problem on Diamond Diaries Community (King Community). 

    I hope this helps too! 😉

    ⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

    5 extra moves bought by gold bars while you can get 5 extra moves when you failed any levels only. And it cannot had and bought while use automatically only when you failed any levels. (It's doesn't same like boosters.) 

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    So click here with a chance to win Gold bars! 

    ** You can see "Announcement" , that means you can join it to chance to win gold bars. And "Finished" , that means that contest is over or finished! **

    You can also check and don't forget to see another hot news such as contests (join to answer it to chance to win gold bars too (boosters)) and other news! 😉
    So click here to check another hot news! 📰 Keep your eyes out! 👀

    I hope you love to join this game's contests and have a SASSY day! ♥️
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