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Why am I getting an invalid access token when I send lofes

branmuffin34branmuffin34 Posts: 1 New Bee

Why can't I send lives to other people


  • LimLim Posts: 8,080 Game Expert
    edited February 18
    Hello! @branmuffin34 👋
    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Oh No! Have you still not received / send lives by your friends on this game or any King's Game?! 😢

    Don't worry! You can click here to read and follow these steps that I hope this helps for receiving/sending your friends on any King's Game! (This solve discussion by Community Team) 😉

    You can also check to read another QueenRaffie's answers to player are very insightful that I hope this helps too! 😉
    Click here to read! 👈

    And I have another ideas how to add more friends easier that they will send you more lives on any King's Game! 😉

    ** If you connected to Facebook, you make sure ask lives to your friends or Any King's Game Players first on any King's game, then you can receive live from your friends and Any King's Game Players if they have sent! 😉 **

    ** If you connected to King.Com Account, King's players will send you more lives too but it's send more lives than Facebook. 😊 **

    And if you also click on to King.Com Account from PC, then you log in and open the game, you'll see the following message on the left side:


    That means if you have your friend's email, you can add your friend's email then you can see your friends are added on this game. 😊

    I hope this helps too! 😉

    ** If you have any questions on this game / any King's Game, please let me know! 😊 **

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    So click here with a chance to win Gold bars! 

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