☛ The Studio needs your help with the Jewellers Club! Give us your opinion here!

📝 The Studio needs your help with the Jewellers Club- Give us your opinion!

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Hello Diamond Hunters :waving:

Have you seen The Jewellers Club in your game? Have you chosen a role and been teamed up? Are you collaborating with others to complete levels for shiny rewards? 

Fun-tastic! :hurrah: 

The Studio wants to hear your thoughts on the challenge. 

Was it fun? Was it too complicated? Did you like to collaborate with other players or do you prefer to play alone and beat the challenges on your own? 

Please comment below all that you liked and disliked about the Jewellers Club challenge

Don't worry about being honest. We want to hear what do you really think of it so we can improve the game for you :3

Find more info about the Jewellers Club Challenge here.


And remember... May the Community be with you 🚀

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