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Level 403

CAKYLADY63CAKYLADY63 Posts: 5 Level 2

I can not get to the top, it’s blowing my mind


  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 53,921 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited February 2020

    Hello! @CAKYLADY63 👋

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Oh~! Don't worry! These special features/events also help you to add your gold bars (boosters) or pass levels quickly such as Bernadetta's Mission, City Challenge and more special features/events. But I think you are also amazing Diamond Diaries Hunter! Nice your current level! 👍

    There are 1190 levels on this game! While Lucy said : "Way to go! You are great Diamond Hunter! Never give up! You can do it! 😊"

    ** If you have any questions such as stuck on this/any level and game's problem on this game, please let me know on comment below here and I am very happy to help you on Diamond Diaries Community. 😄 **

    Have a SASSY day! ❤️

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  • KitKathySuzyQKitKathySuzyQ Posts: 283 Level 3

    Hi @CAKYLADY63 so glad to see you here and I will try to help you with Level 403.

    Try to clear the Jewel Box with the 5 at the bottom first. Make as many Rays, Cross Rays and Star Rays as possible (link 12 charms for each Star Ray) then when you have a few in your game activate one and try to make sure as many of the others go at the same times. 

    Then you should have several color Blast helpers appear and they will help you clear the screen but make sure they are linking with perfume bottles to raise the water level. Here are some pics from when I played it. Hopefully this will help you get to the top! Let me know when you clear it! Don’t give up - eventually all the charms will link in your favor!!

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 53,921 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited February 2020

    That was helpful tips! Just like me! 😄

    Well done and thank you for your helping player passes on level 403! @KitKathySuzyQ 😊

    Have a SASSY day! ❤️

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