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trinikaytrinikay Posts: 3 New Bee

I completed level 1250 twice & unable to advance.i uninstalled & reinstalled game & now i have to start over.thats not fair


  • LimLim Posts: 11,647 Game Expert

    Hello! @trinikay 👋

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Oh No! Have you lost your current level on Diamond Diaries Saga when you uninstall and reinstall this game? 😢

    If have you connected with Facebook or King.Com on this game?

    If yes, Don't worry! You can check to read and follow these troubleshooting steps of this problem. (This solve discussion by Community Team.) (Any Device) 😉

    So click here to read to follow these troubleshooting steps of this problem that I hope this helps and you can back to your current level on this game! 😉

    If no, we are really so sorry as we cannot help you to back your progress, you make sure to save your progress completed with Facebook and King.Com on this game next time! 😔

    ** If you have followed these steps completed but it's not worked, please let me know and you can continue to comment on below here. **

    ** And you make sure always to update the latest version of this game that we can see new levels are always released. **

    Have a SASSY day! ❤️

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