Golden Player- how social are you?

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Hello Diamond Hunters!

You might have seen it...there's a new feature in the game, developed to bring us joy and to honor Lucy's friendliness!

It's called Golden Player, and this is how it works. Every time you:

  • send out help in the Jewelers Club
  • send a challenge back to a rival in the Jewelers Trial
  • exchange a key with another player in the Traders Chest
  • send a life to another player,

you'll get some points added to your Social Meter. Once the Social Meter is'll become a Golden Player!! That means you'll receive a temporal golden avatar which can be visible for other players who have a Social Meter themselves.

But be cautious- the Social Meter will slowly empty if you don't interact with other players for a longer period of time, and you might lose your Golden Player status! If this happens, just start interacting again and watch it fill up!

👉️ What do you think about this new feature? Do you already have it in your game? If so, are you a Golden Player or still working on it? 😏

👉️ Would you like to try out the Social Meter?

Please let us know what you think about it below!


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