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Why can't I get the gold bar reward when I complete the diamond maps

sabmu1 Posts: 2 Newbie
Good day twice since yesterday I've completed the diamond diaries map to collect the diamonds and I have not been able to collect the reward, it says claim reward and when I click it, it just disappears. So far I have lost out on claiming 20 gold bars. What's going on can I get some sort of redress. Its not far that I'm catching my ass to collect the required diamonds to complete the maps and then nothing.... I'm really pissed cause I've waited patiently for the maps to come back 

Best Answer

  • Jelly_Jenny
    Jelly_Jenny Posts: 1,889 Community Manager
    Answer ✓
    Hi sabmu1, 

    It looks like you got help from our Player Relations Team already? 

    If the issue persists, could you get back to them and it would be even more amazing if you could take a screenshot of how your game looks like when you try to collect them. Even if nothing happens. 

    Thanks :)

    Jelly Jenny 


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